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Our Approach to Managing Your Project

From the first conversation, to the last sweep of the floor cleaning up, we are committed to a successful luxury home or cottage project – in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas.

Over 30 years of experience making 'luxury residential' affordable has taught us what works and what doesn't – for both our customers and for our team. Based on this experience, we have developed a structured process that generates confidence and satisfaction for all parties.

  • Time means a lot to our customers, both in terms of the total project timeline, as well as individual daily schedules. I'm proud to say that our schedule management is top quality. Our clients can count on us to do what we say – and can manage their own lives around our schedules.
    Tom Clohecy, President

Interpreting Your Vision

Whether you are working with an architect or have a set of plans in hand, our first responsibility is to interpret the vision you have for your project. To make it a reality, we drill down into the smallest details, touching base with you and your team at each step of the way to ensure we deliver your vision the way you see it.

Reality-Based Scheduling

Scheduling is one of the most critical components of any construction project. At TJC Construction, we build a customized schedule specifically for your project, with detailed time and responsibility assignments, so everyone knows what is happening when, and for how long. At the same time, unpredictable situations can occur – and when they do, we communicate with you immediately to advise you of the impact on the project. We consider ourselves experts in scheduling process – past customers will attest to this and will tell you how comforting a reliable schedule can be. 

Making Luxury Affordable

To some, the idea of 'affordable luxury' may seem like an oxymoron, but to us it's not. It's simply what we do. Often what distinguishes a 'luxury home or cottage' is simply an enhanced attention to detail – a slightly different perspective on the little touches that can make a big difference. That's where we come in. We are experts at the small details and how they can add to the quality of your home. We work closely with you on all aspects of the project to give you the maximum 'luxury value' for your budget.

Clear & Frequent Communication

Listening is one of our greatest skills, but experience has taught us that that listening is not enough. Once we interpret your vision and put it in motion, clear and frequent communication is absolutely key. We keep you posted on the schedule, on the budget, on any decisions that need to be made – and do it all in down-to-earth language that customers understand and appreciate.

The Very Best Trades & Craftsmen

Your project will be managed by a team of trades and craftsmen that have been working with TJC Construction for many, many years. They know our customers, they know our projects, and they deliver beyond expectations when it comes to quality. Every member of our team feels personal pride in the quality of the work they do for our customers.

In addition to architectural designers, engineers, carpenters and craftsmen, we have a full team of licensed sub-trades, including arborists, landscape designers and installers, plumbers, electricians, heating contractors, kitchen designers, interior decorators, stone masons and others. Their objective is to see your plans become reality – from the laying of the foundation to the finishing touches.

Our Client Service Commitment Includes:

  • Adherence to a reality-based schedule
  • East-to-understand payment process & schedules
  • Regular, upfront, honest communication
  • Regular, clear & informative communications
  • Proactive solutions for extended builds, such as staging
  • Clean & organized workspaces
  • Effective problem solving for unpredicted challenges
  • A committed team whose pride stems from their work

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